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-beat junkie. [entries|friends|calendar]

; unfaithful
not your cup of tea
best left to cool at room temperature.
no end.
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[January 12th, 2006 | 21.11]
throat HURTS. feels like somethings' scratching it up from the inside.


fell in love with a boy.. *hums*

can someone tell me that SA's basketball rocks? was looking at toned arms, yum. (i realised if you jumble that up, it sounds like tonesyum. tomyum.) syah didnt reply. ah well. so much for antony and cleopatra.

did the lit paper today? shakespere was foreign to me. as tasneem would have said "i wrote one page while my friends wrote stories." WHO WANTS TO BET THAT DES IS GONNA GET IT. kept glancing over to her and she was zooming ahead with her cursive handwriting and pen poised neatly over fullscap. shut up, iota.

anyway. school's been an endles chore of STAYBACK! TAKLEH BALIK KENE STAYBACK! for some reason or other. wish we didnt have training on alternate days so i could spend at least ONE day after sch with him.. but fate's not dealing us that hand i guess. sigh. oh well. tired and should be studying. love ya.

[January 9th, 2006 | 22.00]
why, hello im freezing and acting mysterious touch rugby table signups what life?


[January 6th, 2006 | 08.18]

the new school is so nice.

tapi hanis doesnt like it cause it looks like apoly.

going to call ili soon and eat mcdonalds at home.


[October 13th, 2005 | 10.30]
am i pmsing?

you know feelings are so muche easier to deal with when you can put a finger on them and say Oh this is it

rather than feeling angry for no particular reason

or a trio of reasons that dont seem to make sense when you think about it

argh. i want to make this seem like someth to you
but i dont
want to run away
but i dont

need to calm down
but i dont.

sometimes i want to tell you This is your fault, make it better
but there are some things i have to do on my own.

forget you.

[June 16th, 2005 | 22.48]

haha that sounds like a breast.


[June 15th, 2005 | 01.08]
had a nightmare last night. it was so bad when i woke up dint recognise it as a nightmare, it was so real. and it hurt . bad. the whole thing mixed up in dreams and reality, even that night seems like a nightmare still, i want to let go of it all its mixed up deep under cuts.

[May 10th, 2005 | 08.23]
gmorning friends. im nt in school.

mab? are you in bed?
didnt go to school?

first there was sort of relief tt i didnt wake up late. then barely masked disapproval.

yeah i have to stop doing this.my priorities are seriously screwed. i take the wrong things too seriously. i shud stop chucking schoolwork aside but COME ON TCK IS MAD AH HOW MUCH ECONS YOU WANNA GIVE?

k. i can handle it.

and scene 3 and act 2 scene 1 are LONG..

aft training so tired collapsed onto bed and talked to him. attempted to watch desperate housewives but fell asleep. in the morn my dad woke me up and i asked to nt go school. You cant do this too often yes i know i cant. theres a lot of things i cant do so often.

sigh. sundays tuesdays and thursdays are homewk days. or at least get some done. i think sunday is the most reliable day. argh cant there be more imgonnwatchamatch with jill sundays where ibasically slack myself away? hrmm.

hrm oks. hanis n jill skipped econs lect to go reading rm and study. aiyah. sometimes right i wish that.. hrm. sometimesi just need him. i dunno. why.

[April 20th, 2005 | 21.35]

[April 16th, 2005 | 17.05]
i got the feeling there's something to worry about. like theres sth in my chest. like it hasnt ended. has it ended.

[April 14th, 2005 | 20.54]
haunting melodies. witch woman moon birthright clouds dark branch scars. walking deep inset blue pale caressing leaves talk to me. darkness exists only in you.

im apprehensive but breathing a sigh of relief. inside i know what to be happy about and what not to be happy about so if i dont seem that happy about it, or i do. you know why. girls hv a sense of telling when something is sincere and comes frm the heart or is too fast? whatever it is.. im grateful. God is great :)

[March 9th, 2005 | 10.55]
im a lot like you.. *hums

probably not. complex. diversity? haha. was listening to something.

no, really.

you are incredibly random. oh yes we went sniffing ard the perfume counters at tangs yest and OOH LA LA! there is a scent, azzaro lavender i think which smells like a delicious man. a very intelligent well groomed handsome guy in suits or at least a nice shirt. ahhhh. glimpses :) so i put the paper in my phone and now my phone smells like an intelligent well groomed guy in a nice shirt. ahhh.

okay. not exactly a perfect entry. i shall try and get on with stuff later? but i realise im getting more and more .. hm. starting to look fwd to button's calls a lot. need to go running clear my head. or blading. but lately blading seems to make me remember more than forget.

tannlines. im nt tt brown. but ah well.

[February 15th, 2005 | 13.27]
i will bend and not break =)

sometimes i wish it wasnt happening so close to me? but there must be reason.

going to listen. girls of summer again... :)

[February 13th, 2005 | 19.48]
i need you now. do you think you can cope. you figured me out

[February 2nd, 2005 | 20.06]
kfc just sent me a shrooms email. *empty voice* shroom shroom kaboom..

[January 31st, 2005 | 21.29]
() says:
() says:
how r u?
i think i could need this in my life- FAIRYDUST! says:
i think i could need this in my life- FAIRYDUST! says:
who r u

hahas different sia.

[January 27th, 2005 | 20.25]
i appreciate days like these. really i do.

so she said whats the problem baby..

[January 23rd, 2005 | 19.16]
wow. things were different werent they.

=) different feelings for different periods of time. different years. beach days, topical sunset days, sarah brightman-strange days, differences.

there are days i dun wanna mention.

then. pink garbage days, gray diamond water days, overexposed beach days, soft creaky leaf days.


[January 11th, 2005 | 23.11]
The BEST Chocolate Chunk Cookies in the World! says:
anw how was australia? i heard you received our voicemail

Kevin says:
yah, it was really funni. it a strange way, i miss havin the 3 of u ard.


[January 11th, 2005 | 22.52]
chatting with mr ang now.

Kevin says:
Oh harlow! How interesting...I see Ili at Tamp MRT on Friday nite, Tasneem in school today, and now you!
The BEST Chocolate Chunk Cookies in the World! says:
but im online!
The BEST Chocolate Chunk Cookies in the World! says:
it so doesnt count
The BEST Chocolate Chunk Cookies in the World! says:
Hows school been??
Kevin says:
ok, then you better show up in school to have a look! So many girls have been coming back!

etc, etc.
im waitingCollapse )

[January 10th, 2005 | 19.13]
=X, !, and :X

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